Monday, 8 July 2019



I wish to most heartily welcome and congratulate all of you for making out time from your very tight schedule to attend this crucial and memorable conference. Nursing as a profession or vocation is as old as human history. Its central and predominant contribution in the health care industry is incontestable and its global recognition and marketability is heartwarming. However this profession is faced with some incapacitating political and socio-economic problems in Nigeria that tend to stagnate and inhibit its professional growth, development and rewardability in contrast with the same nursing profession in the Western world and developed countries.  A gathering like the event of this National Professional Conference & Scientific Update provides opportunity for appraisal of our situations and modalities for improvement as we believe that with consistent, focused and methodical effort, we shall in no distant time take the nursing profession in Nigeria to the enviable height it has attained in the developed countries.

The UGONSA National Professional Conference and Scientific Update is a classic event where scholars, researchers and administrators in the nursing profession gather to exhibit and review scientific works and underlying theories of nursing practice for the purpose of improving on medico-nursing knowledge and skills for enhanced qualitative client care. As the conference provides another veritable opportunity for us to sieve out vital ingredients for repositioning nursing services more efficiently for care effective and cost effective service delivery, it also provides the opportunity for us to look into factors that might have been diffusely or actively constituting impediments to our unalloyed zest towards elaborating the best of what we can offer as nurses to the services of our clients. Among such factors is the issue of lack of proper placement and poor remuneration of nurses. 

The current professional conference was tagged “PROPER PLACEMENT SUMMIT” because it shall be used to champion the course for proper placement of Graduates of Bachelor of Nursing Science (B.N.Sc) degree at par with their counterparts in other core healthcare disciplines. The Nigerian health system has been provocatively treating the profession of nursing as subservient to other core healthcare disciplines through its deliberate, unfair and inequitable placement of graduates of B.N.Sc degree below their par in the Civil Service. The Industrial Arbitration Panel award, 1981 was unambiguous in its declaration that the profession of nursing is on parity with that of Pharmacy in Nigeria, as is the case in Great Britain. What that simply means is that graduates of first degree of the profession of Pharmacy and those of nursing should be placed on the same entry point into the Civil Service. However, the ugly situation we witness as at date is the aberration of subjugating fresh graduates of B.N.Sc degree to CONHESS 07 (.i.e. Grade Level 08) during internship and to CONHESS 08 (.i.e. Grade Level 09) post-NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) whereas their counterparts from other core healthcare disciplines (such are Pharmacy, Med Lab, Physiotherapy, etc) are placed on CONHESS 08 for internship and CONHESS 09 (.i.e. Grade Level 10) post-NYSC. The reason for keeping graduates of B.N.Sc degree on one Grade Level below their par (who they share similar entry requirement and course duration with for the first degree in the university) has never been explained by anybody till date, perhaps because there is no reason other than a seemingly sinister plot to make nurses remain at the bottom of the food chain in our healthcare system. 

If we accept that injustice permeates where equal things are treated as unequal, it portends that our Health System is a citadel of injustice for treating equal things as unequal vis-à-vis under-placement of graduates of B.N.Sc degree below their par. What is more? This ill treatment meted out against nurses psychologically traumatizes them perennially and adversely impacts their zeal for going the extra mile in service delivery. Such must not be allowed to continue. Because the care of mankind has been entrusted unto nurses, they must be motivated and not traumatized to carry out this task effectively and efficiently.

Nurses are to the healthcare system what mothers are to families. Any family in which the mother is empowered is eternally progressive but families where mothers are subjugated and trampled upon (as done to nurses in the Nigeria health system) never make any inch of progress. This explains why Nigeria health system is almost the ‘first from behind’ in the ranking of the world’s performing and responsive health systems. Proper placement will motivate nurses and oil their latitude to meeting the increasing complexity of health needs, which nurses are in the frontline to drive. I dare say that medical tourism by government officials and affluent Nigerians to other countries shall surely abate with adequate motivation of nurses through proper placement and enhanced remuneration. This is because with a motivated nursing workforce, we stand to get in Nigeria hospitals what is obtainable in high-ranking hospitals in other countries.

I therefore humbly call on our distinguished dignitaries, other well meaning Nigerians and the media to prevail on the powers-that-be to give nurses their due and eligible right of placement at par with their counterparts in other core healthcare professions. Keeping quiet in the face of injustice is not golden. Silence in such a situation portrays acceptance of the injustice and, at worst, complicity in perpetuating it. We count on your voice to put pressure on the Nigerian government to do the right thing on the placement of the graduates of B.N.Sc degree by making their entry point for internship and into the Civil Service post-NYSC to be at par with that of other core healthcare professionals as granted by the IAP award, 1981.

To my fellow Graduate Nurses, although the challenges facing nursing in Nigeria is enormous, they are however not insurmountable. We must brace up to the challenges and tenaciously fight to uproot all obstacles standing on our way to professional growth, development and self actualization. In this crucial conference we shall be brainstorming to take a proactive and collective stand on other issues and policies that bring about desirable changes in nursing profession especially reformation and amendment of the establishment Act of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria; upgrade or affiliation of  schools of nursing and midwifery to degree awarding institutions; creation of a substantive directorate of Nursing Services at the Federal Ministry of Health and curtailing the menace of quackery in nursing.

The profession is looking up to us as vectors for productive and positive change and we cannot afford to betray this expectation. The reason for this expectation is not far-fetched; we are products of university-based education and hold professional degrees like our contemporaries in Medicine and pharmacy. This advantage removes the inadequacies of inferiority complex with its associated easy capitulation to inter-professional intimidation by other graduate professionals in the health care industry. The graduates of nursing sciences are also polyvalent graduates adequately versed in clinical sciences, behavioural, social and management sciences that make them unique among the core healthcare professionals.

In this conference, I implore you all to be very committed and professionally patriotic so as to chart a new course for our great and noble profession. We must remain strong and united so as to frustrate our detractors who do not want to see the growth, development and advancement of the nursing profession. We must tirelessly work to gain professional autonomy in Nigeria and take nursing to the acceptable and desirable global standard. We must prove a point that Nursing is the centrifuge and engine room of the health care industry. We must show the world that we are the dominant force in the health care sector. We must take our place of prominence and pride in the health care industry and we must reap the fruits of our professional labour here on earth and thereafter in heaven.

On this note, I appreciate the privilege to welcome you all to the Centre of Learning, Kaduna State, and as we deliberate on professional issues in nursing, I enjoin nurses, members of other healthcare professions, the government, the media and all people of good-will, to join hands and help us bring about a repositioned and more responsive nursing profession in Nigeria as nursing remains that great pot that cooks good health for all of us.

God bless you!

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Sunday, 30 June 2019


The UGONSA National Professional Conference and Scientific Update is a classic event where scholars, researchers and administrators in the nursing profession gather to exhibit and review scientific works and underlying theories of nursing practice for the purpose of improving on medico-nursing knowledge and skills, for enhanced qualitative client care.

Most universities and health institutions require that their lecturers, higher degree students and clinical staff show evidence of participation and presentation of their works at professional conferences as a caveat for promotion, graduation or professional distinction. The evidence could be in various forms :

·   Evidence that the abstract submitted was accepted for presentation at the conference through a letter that conveys such.

·    Showing that their work(s) is/are listed as an entry in the book of abstracts of the conference.

·  A release letter addressed to the institution where the presenter works indicating that his/her work was accepted for presentation at the conference and asking for release of such person(s) to attend the conference and make the presentation.

·    Certificate of Presentation of the work issued to the presenter at the end of the conference.


Yes! UGONSA makes a call for submission of abstracts for the next Professional Conference & Scientific Update at the completion of every conference. The Abstract Review Committee, upon completion of review of submitted abstracts, makes recommendations to the National Leadership of UGONSA for acceptance or rejection of works.  Notification regarding acceptance or rejection of abstracts is sent to the submitters. The authors whose works were accepted for presentation are issued with a letter of acceptance of their abstracts for presentation at UGONSA conference. Their works are then published in the book of abstracts. Thereafter, applications for their release to attend the conference, and present their papers, are made to the Heads of their institutions, Vice Chancellors, Provosts, deans, etc. At the end of the conference, the authors that made presentations are issued with certificates of presentation by UGONSA which they can submit with the book of abstracts to their institution as proof of participation and presentation at the conference.


Kindly attend the upcoming 19th conference to confirm for yourself, as the proof of the pudding lies in the eating. The 19th National Professional Conference & Scientific Update Kaduna, 2019 shall hold from Sunday 7th to Saturday 13th July, 2019 at National Ear Care Centre, Independence Way Kaduna, Kaduna State.

After attending, for sure you shall be the first to urge nurses in academia, those with prospects of being in the academia and those that wish to distinguish themselves in clinical practice to submit their abstracts when next UGONSA calls for submission of abstracts for its National Professional Conference & Scientific Update.

For Further Information:  Correspondence with the association regarding the conference is easily made via our email address, or through any of the following phone numbers: 08065585953, 08037008815, or 07038768210.

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Tuesday, 11 June 2019



The University Graduates of Nursing Science Association (UGONSA) a.k.a Graduate Nurses Association of Nigeria (GNAN) uses the event of its 19th National Professional Conference and Scientific Update to rally support of Stakeholders in Nigerian Nursing Community towards actualization of Proper Placement of Graduates of Nursing Science degree to be at par with what is obtainable for their counterparts in other core healthcare disciplines. It therefore extends warm invitation to the following stakeholders and participants:

University Graduates of Nursing Science.

Undergraduates of Nursing Science [including those on Work and Study Programme (WASP)               and Open Distance Learning (ODL) such as the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)           programme].

Members of UGONSA Board of Trustees (BOT).

Professors of Nursing.

PhD holders in Nursing.

M.Sc holders in Nursing.

Present and Past Registrars of Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN).

Present and past Members of Board of NMCN.

Present and past National Executives of National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives          (NANNM).

Present and past State/Unit Executives of NANNM.

Present and Past State/Unit Executives of UGONSA.

 Present and Past Directors of Nursing Services (States and Federal).

Heads of departments/Deans Faculties of Nursing.

Nurse Lecturers in departments/Faculties of Nursing.

Nurse Educators/Lecturers in Schools of Nursing/Midwifery (Basic and Post-Basic).

Present and past National/Chapter Executives of NUNSA.

Nurse Interns.

Nursing Media Groups/Bloggers and Leaders of other sub-professional associations in Nursing.

All that supports the actualization of proper placement of graduates of Nursing Science degree.


DATE: Sunday 7th – Saturday, 13th July, 2019

VENUE: National Ear Care Centre, Independence Way Kaduna, Kaduna State.

REGISTRATION FEE: N10000 (Graduates), N5000 (Undergraduates).

PAYMENT PORTAL: Account Name: UGONSA, Account Number: 3089525712, First Bank.

For Inquiries Please Call +2348065585953 or +2348037008815 or send email to


CHIEF (HON.) S.E.O. EGWUENU                                   NURSE G.I. NSHI
     National President                                                             National Secretary

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Tuesday, 7 May 2019


Contrary to the rumor making the rounds that some suspected and remanded employees of Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Enugu (FNHE) had a hand in the murder of Nurse Maria Amadi (PhD), emerging information reveals that the abominable act might have been committed by armed robbers.

The information was availed by Evangelist Tochukwu Obiora (alias Iko Nso), who disclosed he is the Assistant State Commander of Enugu State Neighborhood Watch, to the University Graduates of Nursing Science Association (UGONSA), the professional association of nurses with a minimum qualification of first degree in nursing. UGONSA has been urging those with useful information regarding the gruesome murder of the late nurse to come forth with such for the interest of justice to the late nurse and the entire nursing community. The Enugu State Secretary of the Association (UGONSA), Nurse Nwodoh Chijioke Oliver in the company of the National Secretary, Nurse Nshi Goodluck Ikechukwu, had visited Evangelist Tochukwu Obiora on Thursday, May 2, 2019 and on Monday, May 6, 2019, at Ugboye in Abakpa-Nike Enugu, where they got the useful information concerning where the focus of security agencies should be at to possibly unravel the truth about Nurse Amadi’s gruesome murder.

Evangelist Tochukwu Obiora, as a top-notch leader of Enugu State Neighborhood Watch, does not only cover the Trans-Ekulu axis where Nurse Maria Amadi was murdered, he is also the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Ugboye and Ugbowa neighbourhood Watch in Abakpa-Nike, Enugu and has been a frontline neighborhood security officer of Enugu State for the past 21 years.

Evangelist Obiora opined that the story about the involvement of some employees of the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Enugu (FNHE) in the murder of Nurse Amadi (for which some of them are presently incarcerated in Enugu prison) looks like a fabrication made by some workers to get at their fellow workers who they have had one case or the other with (one of which is still pending in a law court) following the protracted crisis that has been rocking the hospital.

According to him, the intelligence he had so far gathered is strongly narrowing his suspicion to a gang of armed robbers that have been terrorizing Trans-Ekulu in the recent time as those behind the unfortunate criminal mischief that befell Nurse Amadi.

“Before her incidence, I submitted intelligence report to the police that the area has been marked for indiscriminate attacks by a certain gang over an issue they had with the Trans-Ekulu police and for which they had vowed to make Trans-Ekulu boil” (i.e., “casting the area” – a term used by criminal gangs to portray spoiling show for people, police, in this case). “I made the intelligence report to the police to help forestall impending criminal activities in the area but the effort they have so far made seems not enough to nip such in the bud” said Evangelist Obiora (Iko Nso).

Continuing, Evangelist Obiora said, “Since the atrocious murder of the woman by this suspected gang of armed robbers, the same group had continued to terrorize Trans-Ekulu/Abakpa axis and had carried out several armed robbery attacks and equally murdered other people in the same area the woman was murdered. Since March till date, Trans-Ekulu/Abakpa axis of Enugu East LGA where this gang operates in has not had peace”.

“When some members of the gang were apprehended, instead of uncovering their involvement in the murder of the nurse, for which I had tipped them off, the Police later released them without establishing their link to it, reason for which I am yet to understand”.

 “My submission remains that the murder has nothing to do with the workers of the FNHE, who were arrested and detained on the allegation that the murdered woman reported before her demise that, they were the ones that sent assassins to kill her.  This case does not look like that of assassins at all. Common security sense tells me that assassins would not shoot on the leg, the tummy or the shoulder, as was reported in this case, but would aim for the head or chest and would have ensured that the woman was confirmed dead before zooming off especially giving the consideration that they operated freely unchallenged by any security operative while their atrocious act lasted”. “If not, why have they not arrested even one of the alleged ‘assassins’ till now”?

“I know the right people to suspect as the murderers; they are a gang of robbers and cultists. I am very ready to testify anywhere I am called to come and testify. I have the intelligence that the robbers/killers took off from Ugbowa in Abakpa-Nike and what looks like an affirmation to my submission is that one of them had regretted their action in an open place” – Evangelist Obiora added.

Evangelist Obiora further questioned the veracity of the rumour that Late Nurse Maria Amadi mentioned the name of some persons as suspects in her case, after she was shot, either in the police station or in the hospital (to any doctor or nurse that was involved in her treatment) or to the person that brought her to the hospital, as mounting evidence does not lay credence to such.

This query was in line with the independent findings of members of UGONSA, Enugu State Chapter, in an investigation led by Nurse Andalyn Iheagu and Nurse (Barr.) Onuh Beatrice Akudo who had visited the doctors and nurses that participated in her treatment, the police station where she was taken to, and the person that took her to both the police station and the hospital following the gun shot and all confirmed the she never mentioned any person’s name.

Evangelist Obiora challenged those propagating the rumor that the deceased mentioned some people’s name in a statement she made to the police and to the doctors and nurses that attended to her in ESUTH Teaching Hospital, Parklane, to name the officers or the doctors or nurses to whom such statement was made to.  

“To use the unfortunate incident of the gruesome murder of Nurse Maria Amadi (one of the finest professional Nigerian nurses) by some workers in the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Enugu as an avenue to nail other workers they had issues with was preposterous especially as the whims of being on the deceased’s side should be altruistic inclination to unraveling the real truth and culprits behind her gruesome murder rather than playing primordial politics of attrition” – Evangelist Obiora submitted.

Speaking to a group of journalist on Monday, May 6, 2019, at Enugu, after the mind blowing revelation made by Evangelist Obiora, Nurse Nwodoh Chijioke Oliver (the Enugu State Secretary of UGONSA) and Nurse Nshi Goodluck Ikechukwu (the National Secretary of UGONSA) strongly condemned the killing of Nurse Maria Amadi and averred that such a dastardly and barbaric act has left the heart of the nursing community shattered.
According to them, what UGONSA, as an association demands, is a real justice anchored on verifiable truth and not a hearsay or token justice rooted on sentiments and vendetta.

“We in the nursing community are critically hit by the unfortunate incident because the deceased is a nurse and two out of the three persons that are currently incarcerated in Enugu Prison are nurses.  The persons that are currently in detention were arrested on the premise that the late Nurse Amadi made a statement in which she mentioned their names as her killers but investigations have revealed that she never mentioned any person’s name”.

“Our hearts bleed the more because we are like a father whose daughter was murdered and when he cried out that the murderers should be hunted and brought to book, his remaining daughter and son were, instead, accused of being the killers of their sister over unverifiable stories and thus got arrested and incarcerated”.

“Since it has been verily established that late Nurse Maria Amadi never mentioned the names of anybody as her killers or as people that sent assassins to kill her, we demand that the people that are currently in detention over the allegation that she mentioned their names be forthwith released while investigation should be extended to unravel the rightful culprits”.  

“We salute the courage and boldness of Evangelist Tochukwu Obiora, the Chief Security Officer of Ugboye and Ugbowa Abakpa Neighbourhood Watch and the Assistant Commander of Enugu State Neighbourhood Watch, for coming out at this auspicious moment, against all odds, to give useful information about the circumstances and persons involved in the gruesome murder of our colleague”.

“We passionately call on the government of Enugu State and all the security agencies to approach Evangelist Tochukwu Obiora and collaborate with him to get the alleged culprits arrested and brought to book for the interest of justice to the deceased and the entire nursing community as a whole” – the UGONSA scribes said.

Recall that Late Nurse Maria Amadi, Head of Nursing Services, Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Enugu and a mother-of-two, was allegedly shot dead on Thursday, March 21, 2019 at about 4pm at Federal Housing Estate, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu, by unknown gunmen.

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Friday, 19 April 2019

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Thursday, 18 April 2019

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