Friday, 8 October 2021

UGONSA Announces a New Date For Its 20th Professional Conference: Calls for Abstract


The University Graduates of Nursing Science Association (UGONSA), also known as the Graduate Nurses Association of Nigeria (GNAN), will now hold its 20th National Professional Conference and Scientific Update from Monday, July 11 to Friday, July 16, 2022, at Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. UGONSA cordially invites all Nursing & Midwifery Professionals to submit abstracts in research, project, dissertation, clinical update, thesis, or theoretical/conceptual framework to be considered for presentation at the conference. Project papers should include best evidence-based practices.

THEME: Progressive Nursing & Midwifery Education and Practice Reforms: Who, How, When?

TAG: The conference shall be tagged "NURSING EDUCATION REFORMATION SUMMIT."

Submission Deadline

Materials should be received by UGONSA no later than Midnight on Friday, April 30, 2022, as an extension may not be granted. Materials should be submitted electronically, in Microsoft words format, through the UGONSA official email address,

Abstract Review and Selection Process

After the submission deadline, all completed and eligible abstracts will be made available to UGONSA Abstract Reviewers (AR) for blinded review, vetting, and scoring following satisfaction of originality index test. The final decision will be made by the programme committee in late May 2022.

Abstracts will be evaluated and scored solely on their scientific merits.

Incomplete Abstracts will not be reviewed.

Likewise, any material that fails the originality index test will be regarded as plagiarized work and will accordingly be rejected.

Acceptance/Rejection Notification

Notification regarding acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be sent to the presenting author in early June 2022 by email; consequently, an accurate email address is critical. If you submitted an abstract and did not receive any notification at this specified time, you should send us an email via or visit our news site,, and fill the contact form.

 If your abstract is accepted, the email will specify whether it is accepted for presentation at the plenary session or whether it has been selected to be published in our book of abstracts or journal only.

If, after completing your submission, you did not receive a confirmation email from UGONSA within 72 hours, you should contact us as stated above.

Abstract Submission Fee: Not Applicable

Conference Registration fee and accommodation

The Conference schedule and registration modalities will be on the conference posters and fliers that will be published by April 2022. The registration fee is N15000 (fifteen thousand naira) for Graduates and N7000 (seven thousand five hundred naira) for undergraduates. The fee shall cover the conference T-shirt, bag, Book of Abstracts, The Nursing Scope Journal, conference materials, and meals (breakfast and lunch) only. Each of the participants shall pay for accommodation. UGONSA shall bargain and arrange for decent and affordable hotel accommodation in Abakaliki within the price range of N4000 (four thousand naira) to N8000 (Eight thousand naira) per night to make the cost of lodging minimal and considerate for participants.

Conference Programme

The onsite printed programme will include the specific time for each abstract presentation and the moderator's name for each session. Abstracts may list multiple study authors.

Presentation at the Conference

The presentation at the conference must reflect the submitted abstract. In particular, the abstract title, authorship, and scientific content of the presentation at the conference must match the submitted abstract, although updates can be added.

Guidelines for Paper Presentation at the Conference

Papers must not exceed 15 pages in Microsoft word, including tables and references, and should be typed double line spaced (Times New Roman font size 14) on A4-sized paper.

APA referencing format, 7th edition, should be used.

UGONSA shall make hard copies available to participants during the conference. Papers should include a cover page with title, author's/authors' name(s), institutional affiliation, and email address.


Each submitter will be notified about the programme committee's decision on the acceptance of an abstract. Each author shall be asked to accept the invitation to present. Presenters must take their commitment to make presentations, except in cases of a true emergency, very seriously. In such a case, UGONSA shall publish an errata sheet to be distributed with the proceedings indicating the names of individuals and their abstract titles that have been listed for presentation but would no longer be presented at the conference.  If a scheduled presenter fails to show up for reasons other than the aforementioned, such shall attract blacklisting, which shall cause UGONSA to refuse to accept subsequent works from the affected author in the future.

Abstract Withdrawal

Once an abstract is accepted, a written request to withdraw should be submitted no later than June 15, 2022, through if the author decides to withdraw the abstract for any reason. Abstracts may not be withdrawn after this deadline.

UGONSA reserves the right to withdraw abstracts that violate the Association's policies and guidelines, such as those that have failed the originality index test for plagiarism, or have been deemed scientifically unsound, or have been found to include inaccurate data, etc.


For further inquiry, kindly contact:

University Graduates of Nursing Science Association (UGONSA), CAC/IT/69387

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Thursday, 23 September 2021


 The Nursing Scope publishes original articles, reports, reviews, clinical reports, essays, and commentaries from researchers, clinicians, scholars, individuals, and professional bodies in nursing science, allied health sciences, medicine, and any field that deals with human health.

Articles on the UGONSA website, of the journal, are accessible to the world at A hard copy of The Nursing Scope as part of UGONSA Professional Conference materials is also available for a fee

Volume 4, Issue 2 is scheduled to be published in December 2021. The Editorial Board of "The Nursing Scope" is hereby calling for the submission of manuscripts for upcoming editions. Details of the publication guide can be found on the journal website. Acceptance of manuscripts for volume 4, issue 2 stops by midnight of Sunday, November 21, 2021.

UGONSA considers publication in a reputable peer-reviewed journal like “The Nursing Scope” as a form of continuing education and will pay for the Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Programme (MCPDP) of any nurse who makes a publication in the forthcoming issues.

Manuscripts, questions, and suggestions should be submitted to



Prof. I.O Ehiemere,

Chairman, Editorial Board,

The Nursing Scope
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Saturday, 24 July 2021


UGONSA has added Dr. Emmanuel Ejembi Anyebe to the editorial board of its peer-reviewed international journal, The Nursing Scope.  Dr. Ayebe is a Senior Lecturer/Research Fellow at University of Ilorin, Nigeria, who has extensive experience in research and publications. The Editors are top academicians and clinicians in nursing drawn from Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia. The full list of the editorial board members are
shown below:



Prof.  (Mrs.) Ijeoma O. Ehiemere,

University of Nigeria; The Nursing Scope Main Editorial Office




Prof. Joseph Osuji

Mount Royal University, Canada



Prof. Mildred Edet John,

University of Calabar, Nigeria



Prof. Omolola Oladunni Irinoye

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria



Dr. Elkenah Chubike Ndie

National Open University of Nigeria



Dr. Akon Emmanuel Ndiok

University of Calabar, Nigeria

Email: ;


Dr. Adenike Adebola Olaitan Olaniyi

University College Hospital, Ibadan



Dr. Emmanuel Ejembi Anyebe

University of Ilorin, Nigeria



Nurse Goodluck I. Nshi,

DNP© Aspen University, Denver, CO, U.S.A.



Nurse Baidy Barry Afoi,

Bingham University PMB 0005 Karu, Nasarawa State, Nigeria,,


Nurse Ogechukwu A. Nwigbo

Firstcare Beneavin House Hospital, Dublin, Ireland


Nurse Chijioke O. Nwodoh

University of Nigeria;


Nurse Opeyemi Idowu Ojo

Federal Medical Centre, Owo, Nigeria


Nurse Nelson C. Okpua

PhD© Universiti Sains Malaysia, Timur Laut, Malaysia 

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Tuesday, 13 July 2021


Dear Comrade Mike Nnachi,

The National President,

National Association of Nigerian Nurses & Midwives (NANNM)


Following your request via a phone call to our president, Chief (Hon). S.E.O. Egwuenu, that UGONSA avails you her position papers on the amendment of the establishment Act of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) and proper placement of graduate nurses, we are hereby re-submitting the documents to NANNM.

2.        It is instructive to point out that both documents were earlier submitted to NANNM under the leadership of Comrade Alani Adeniji both in physical and electronic copies. While our work on the amendment of the NMCN establishment Act was submitted on March 2, 2020, the memo for the proper placement was submitted earlier on January 24, 2019.

3.         The work on the amendment of the NMCN Act was also submitted to the NMCN and to Senator Gusau (who is sponsoring the amendment of the Act at the National Assembly). The memo for proper placement was forwarded to the board of the NMCN with a copy explicitly sent to NANNM. (Kindly refer to all the attached documents).

4.         While the electronic copies have been delivered to your personal email and copied the official NANNM email, hard copies of the documents shall be sent to you soonest.

5.        We believe the documents will form a crucial tool to guide your navigation of the convoluted landscape of the contemporary issues bedeviling our dear profession in Nigeria.


Please kindly accept the assurances of our esteemed regards!



CHIEF (HON.) S.E.O. EGWUENU                                    NURSE P.O. ETENG

              National President                                               Ag.National Secretary


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Thursday, 3 June 2021



UGONSA has migrated its membership registration and verification process online via its website, 

The new online registration grants members access to a portal on the website and issues a unique registration code to each user. As a consequence, every member MUST re-register to be assigned a portal and a new code. While fresh registration costs the sum of N2050 (two thousand fifty naira) payable online via the website, members who have registered before are not required to pay again. A Registration Token (equivalent to N2050) will be given to members who have registered before to complete their registration without having to pay the registration fee again. Eligibility for accessing support from UGONSA, including, but not limited to free textbooks, free IELTS training, or free publication in the association’s journal (The Nursing Scope), shall henceforth be verified exclusively through the online portal.

Upon completion of registration, a member shall be issued an E-ID card. The E-ID card shall henceforth be the only acceptable means of verification of membership.

To register or validate membership, go to the UGONSA website, Click on "Register."

A click on "Register" will take you to the registration page, as shown below.

Members making a fresh registration should click on “Register” and complete the registration using their Debit cards (ATM cards) to make payment online. Old members who are validating membership should click on “Register with Access Token” and contact Nurse Opeyemi (+2348038358107) or Nurse Eteng (+2348063477661) for issuance of a token to complete the registration. Nurse Eteng or Nurse Opeyemi will issue the token upon verification that a member has registered before. Old registered members have until Sunday, July 31, 2021, to validate their registration free of charge. Beyond this date, all registrations shall be treated as fresh registration with compulsory payment of the N2050 registration fee. At any point in the registration process, if you encounter any difficulty, reach out to Nurse Opeyemi or Nurse Eteng for guidance or send an email to  


                                Chief (Hon.) S.E.O. Egwuenu     Nur. P.O. Eteng
                                               National President          Ag. National Secretary

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Wednesday, 5 May 2021


UGONSA is bringing the gateway for publication to the doorsteps of nurses. Our international journal, “The Nursing Scope” – that took the world by storm in the late 1980s is back to business with Volume 4 set for July 2021. The current publisher will be Wolters Kluwer and the publication is going to be both online and in print with a global readership. With Wolters Kluwer, CINAHL, MEDLINE, and DOAJ indexing is assured. Wolters Kluwers is a topmost giant in global publishing, running publications for Lippincott and other top giants in academy.  For volume 4 Issue 1, UGONSA is waiving out the publication fee for all nurses.  Three (3) issues will be published per annum. Subsequent issues will attract a token of $50 dollars.

UGONSA wants every nurse to have a publication in his/her name. Some graduate works were supervised by the best of our lecturers but were never published anywhere because of lack of finance or not having someone to help the author navigate the process of publishing in journals. Some Masters and Ph.D. works are unpublished for a similar problem. UGONSA is poised to solve such problems through “The Nursing Scope”. The Editors of The Nursing Scope will help you navigate the process of publishing in a journal with ease. The Editors are top academicians and clinicians drawn from Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia. Here are their names,  Institutional Affiliation and Countries of Residence:



Prof.  (Mrs.) Ijeoma O. Ehiemere,

University of Nigeria; The Nursing Scope Main Editorial Office, Nigeria.


Prof. Joseph Osuji

Mount Royal University, Canada.

Prof. Mildred Edet John,

University of Calabar, Nigeria.

Prof. Omolola Oladunni Irinoye

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Dr. Elkenah Chubike Ndie

National Open University of Nigeria.

Dr. Akon Emmanuel Ndiok

University of Calabar, Nigeria.

Dr. Adenike Adebola Olaitan Olaniyi

University College Hospital, Ibadan.

Nurse Goodluck I. Nshi,

DNP© Aspen University, Denver, CO, U.S.A.

Nurse Baidy Barry Afoi,

Bingham University PMB 0005 Karu, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

Nurse Ogechukwu A. Nwigbo

Firstcare Beneavin House Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.

Nurse Chijioke O. Nwodoh

University of Nigeria.

Nurse Opeyemi Idowu Ojo

Federal Medical Centre, Owo, Nigeria.

Nurse Nelson C. Okpua

PhD© Universiti Sains Malaysia, Timur Laut, Malaysia.

Below is a brief of the publication guide. Please read through it to understand how you can get your manuscript submitted.

Guidelines for Authors

 The mission of “The Nursing Scope” [A peer-reviewed international Journal of The University Graduates of Nursing Science Association (UGONSA)] is to promote knowledge-based healthcare delivery through global spreading of science-based knowledge in nursing, allied health sciences, medicine, and any field that deals with human health. Papers that convey science-based knowledge are accepted by this Journal.

Papers submitted could be literature reviews, research studies, theoretical frameworks, clinical experiences, and other types of papers that can promote knowledge-based healthcare delivery or science-based knowledge in general. All the documents will be professionally peer-reviewed and evaluated. Following peer evaluation, the editors will get the work published in the next issue.

 General Information

(1) Goals:  The main purpose of The Nursing Scope is to disseminate science-based knowledge globally in nursing, allied health sciences, medicine, and any field that deals with human health through the publication of original papers

(2) What to Do: The Nursing Scope is a place for information on scientific studies, research, theory, philosophy, and technology and advancements in health and healthcare.

(3) Contributors: All researchers, scholars, individuals, and professional bodies are invited to submit manuscripts in nursing, medicine, social sciences, and any field that deals with human or human health.

(4) Distributions: articles on the UGONSA website of the journal are open to the world.

For the subscription

(5) Article Submission Fee: Free of Charge

(6) Publication fee: $50 USD/article (online); $50 USD/issue (hard copy)

(7) Advertisements: The cost will be $20 USD/month on the advertisement banner at the homepage of the journal.

(8) Originality index and proofreading services: To ensure originality of work and eschew plagiarism, the originality index of any work to be published must not be more than 20% when tested with Turnitin plagiarism software. The editors will keep testing and returning every work back to the author (s) until the originality index shows that less than 20% of the work was duplicated from other sources. Proofreading services are also run by the editors to ensure that works being published are professional and meet the international best standards.

Manuscript Submission Process

 (1) Submission Methods: Electronic submission through email,

(2) Reference Format: American Psychological Association (APA) style 7th edition - Microsoft Word; Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt., double-spacing.

(3) Indent: one tab index at the beginning of each new paragraph.

(4) Cover Page: The details of the author (s) should be clearly stated.

 (5) Review: Double-blind review is employed. Authors can also suggest reviewers with their emails.

Manuscript Preparation

Every manuscript is recommended to incorporate the following parts; however, the author(s) is/are at liberty to vary the parts or style:

(1) Title page: including article title; author’s full name; institution(s) to which each author is affiliated, with the city, and country, and e-mail address. Corresponding author(s) should be clearly stated. Freelance authors with no institutional affiliation are also welcome, but their base and address must be provided.

(2) Abstract: including Background, Aims, Methods/Materials, Findings, and Conclusion.

(3) Keywords

(4) Introduction

(5) Materials and Methods

(6) Results

(7) Discussions

(8) Acknowledgements

(9) References


Acknowledgment and Affirmation

When submitting manuscript(s) to the journal, you agree, acknowledge, and affirm the following: That

1.      all the authors have contributed adequately and agree on responsibility for the contents of the article(s).

2.       there is no plagiarism or any other problems. The author(s) is/are fully responsible for the contents of the paper(s) and the author(s) is/are fully responsible for any plagiarism or other problems of the paper(s).

3.      the manuscript(s) have not been published elsewhere.

in regards to copyright responsibility, both the journal and author(s) accepted that the journal and author(s) have equal right to the copyright of the article(s), i.e. either of the journal or author(s) can utilize it in any way without noting the other party.
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Insecurity: UGONSA urges FG to protect health workers



The University Graduates of Nursing Science Association( UGONSA) has called on the Federal government to protect health workers in order to enhance their optimal health care services.

The National President of the association, Chief Solomon Egwuenu made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday in Abakaliki.

He said that the recent attacks on nurses and other health workers in the country were worrisome,  discouraging, and poses an inherent danger in the health sector.

NAN recalls that gunmen late last month kidnapped two nurses who worked overnight at the General hospital in Idon, Kajuru Local Government of Kaduna State.

NAN also recalls that another nurse, Mrs. Queeneth Alozie was within the same period assassinated in Umuahia, Abia State.

Egwuenu wondered why nurses and other health workers who were trained to protect lives should themselves be the victims of cruel murder and kidnap.

"We cannot figure out why a healthcare professional should be brutally attacked and killed or kidnapped. The development portends danger in the nation’s healthcare delivery.

"We, therefore, call on the federal government and security agencies to protect health personnel from such heinous crimes for improved healthcare delivery in the country.

He described the acts as wicked, barbaric, and unwarranted and tends to mitigate the health sector in rendering efficient and effective services to the patients.

He, however, advised its members to be conscious and guard themselves always while discharging their duty.#

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