Wednesday 8 February 2017



We are very grateful for your fatherly intervention that culminated in the end of our age-long tortuous struggle for internship and proper placement of the fresh graduates of Bachelor of Nursing Science (B.N.Sc) degree. The approval of the internship training during the 39th National Council on Establishment (NCE) meeting held in Minna, Niger State, in July last year and the subsequent release of its circular, Ref no. HCSF/EPO/EIR/CND/100/ST   dated 7th September 2016, by the office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation (HCSF) would not have been possible without your altruistic involvement. This is especially as the complaint about the nurses’ exclusion from the internship training and the aberration in placement in the civil service post-NYSC, which was the first thing we greeted you with upon your resumption of office as the honourable minister of health, did not take you up to a year to resolve. We have nothing to offer other than our sincere prayers that you forever remain in the abundant blessings of God and continue to be a light in people’s lives.

2.    However, we wish to passionately request that you direct the managements of the various Federal Health Institutions in the country to henceforth include the post of Nurse Intern in any fresh advertisement for internship positions as we have noticed that apart from University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH), no other Federal Health institution that advertised for internship, after the release of the internship circular for nurses, included the post of Nurse Intern.

3.  Similarly, we request that you kindly direct for the rectification of the placement of the already employed graduates of B.N.Sc degree that where under placed on CONHESS 07 in contrast to CONHESS 09 on which their counterparts in other core healthcare disciplines were placed upon employment in the Civil Service post-NYSC.

4.   It will be very equitable and calming to frayed nerves if the Graduate Nurses who were aberrantly under placed on CONHESS 07 at their point of employment are properly placed on CONHESS 09 like their counterparts in other core healthcare disciplines for the sake of justice and fairness.

5.   Bridging the two-grade levels gap between the graduate nurses and their counterparts in other core healthcare disciplines such as Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Medical Laboratory Science, Optometry, etc, shall not only restore the parity they have with them but also allow the good conscience of the nurses’ industrial arbitration panel award of  the year 1981 to manifest and as well wipe away the tears of the burden of injustice suffered over the years; especially the unjustifiable demeaning underplacement to the tone of two grade levels below par.

6. This inexplicable underplacement has, hitherto, erroneously portrayed the graduate nurses as subservient to their counterparts in the aforementioned healthcare disciplines, who they shared similar entry requirements and course duration in the university with. As there is no injustice that traumatizes the mind more than the injustice of deliberately making two equal things to appear unequal, we humbly implore that you, as usual, throw your unassailable patriotic weight behind the correction of this anomaly.

7. We humbly expect this upgrade with compensatory two grade levels to be across board irrespective of whether a graduate nurse has been promoted before or not. For example, we expect those on CONHESS 07 to be upgraded to CONHESS 09 and those on CONHESS 08 to CONHESS 11.

8.  We once again sincerely elaborate our utmost gratitude for what you have done so far for us.

9.  Please accept the highest regard of members of this association that comprise nurses with minimum of first degree in Nursing Science.
Please kindly find the attached documents.
Submitted with deepest sense of regards and responsibility!

Chief (Hon) S.E.O. EGWUENU                                                              Nurse G.I. Nshi
     National President                                                                                National Secretary

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