Tuesday 19 September 2017


The university Graduates of Nursing Science Association (UGONSA) also known as the Graduate Nurses Association of Nigeria (GNAN) has called on its members to show solidarity to the Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU).

In a statement jointly made by its National President, Chief Hon. Solomon E.O. Egwuenu, and the National Secretary, Nurse Goodluck I. Nshi, the association said its assessment of the current JOHESU agitation shows that it is a departure from what it used to be in the past.

The association said it is encouraging that JOHESU put the patient at the centre of its current struggle; such disposition makes its agitation an honourable one worthy of holistic support by all.  

“It is a good thing that JOHESU centres its current agitation on improving the lots of Nigerian patients, which can be any Nigerian other than the insensitive political class that crumbled our health system with adverse policies and now shamelessly added medical tourism abroad as a part of their official entitlements.

 “Ordinary Nigerians are not slaves. Like the heartless political class, they also deserve accessible qualitative healthcare services at affordable cost. It is an honourable thing that JOHESU is taking the bull by the horn at this moment for the masses, who are at the receiving end of our poor healthcare system that was naughtily battered by the 'mismanagers' of our health sector.

The association called on Nigerians to understand that JOHESU’s agitation is for their interest and urged that they should join JOHESU to demand for repositioning of our health system for efficient and effective care delivery.

“It is better we pass through some pains today and bequeath a better healthcare system to our children. Our healthcare system is going down every day because of mismanagement. Such must not be allowed to continue.

“That our health system that once ranked among the best three in the Commonwealth of Nations today ranks among the last three, not because we do not have capable and competent healthcare professionals, is a testament to the fact that mismanagement is entrenched in the leaching fabrics of retrogression of our health system.  If nothing drastic is done now, in the near future we may derail further to become number one from behind!

“What we have now as a health system was not what our founding fathers handed down to us and we cannot afford to bequeath something similar or worse than this currently squalid health system to our children. Nigerians should rise up to join JOHESU in saying that enough is enough!

The association asserted that it stands for and with any struggle that is selfless and honourable, like the current agitation by JOHESU, and called on its members to show maximum solidarity to the struggle.

“Just as we call on Nigerians for understanding and support, we equally call on our members to show maximum solidarity and support to JOHESU because its current agitation is a selfless campaign for qualitative and efficient care delivery to ordinary Nigerians- it said

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