Monday 24 December 2018


The University Graduates of Nursing Science Association (UGONSA) also known as Graduate Nurses Association of Nigeria (GNAN), the professional association of nurses with a minimum qualification of first degree in nursing, has extolled Nigerian nurses over the great effort they make to keep Nigerians healthy despite the hostile environment that envelopes their clinical practice in the Nigerian health system.

In a Christmas and New Year message by its National President, Chief (Hon.) S.E.O Egwuenu and National Secretary, Nurse G.I. Nshi, the association thanked nurses for their relentless efforts in the care of humanity from birth to death.

It reads, “We sympathize with nurses over their unfortunate situation in Nigeria, where
the hostile environment has not allowed them to elaborate the full set of competencies for which they were trained and licenced; where they are perennially dehumanized, overworked and underpaid; where their contribution as clinicians with most visible round-the-clock input in client care is under played .

“The unfortunate situation has forced a mass exodus of the best brains we have in nursing to developed countries in Europe, Asia and America. The same people that have usurped the leadership of Nigerian Ministry of health as their birthright and use it for oppressive purposes against nurses getting their deserved pay packages,often  travel to Europe and America and convert from their “goddish” profession to nursing because of the better pay package obtainable to nurses in these climes, which they have hypocritically opposed in Nigeria.

“Nigerian health system has been mismanaged to the point of not having basic,essential equipment and supplies despite yearly budgets,such that those ruling the country now see it as a death sentence to lay on the bed of a Nigerian hospital, hence their globetrotting for medical tourism. Despite the despicable situation, Nigerian nurses never abandoned Nigerians (their patients) like the leaders have done to Nigerians and their hospitals.

“Because Nigeria's nurses are inured to hardship and working under a very poor condition, given the littleness of opportunity and a better working condition abroad, they perform magic hence the frenzy of developed countries in Europe, America and Asia falling over each other to have Nigerian nurses. Thus, the statement of our lord Jesus Christ that a prophet is without honour only in his home town and in his own house defines the plight of Nigerian Nurses in Nigeria.

“The good news that calls for celebration of nurses in this season is that notwithstanding the precarious situation of our health system, nurses have continued to live above board. For all the selfless efforts and sacrifices and for going extra miles to better the lots of patients under a harsh environment, we say “GOD BLESS NURSES ABUNDANTLY”.

“As we celebrate Christmas and Prepare to journey through the year 2019, we urge nurses to continue to treat patients as kings and queens, who we owe our allegiance to and who we live for.The excellent effort you are putting in the care of mankind is what motivates UGONSA’s agitation for a better deal for nurses. Please keep it up!

As we celebrate Christmas and New Year, we urge nurses to use this season to make their patients experience rich positive memories that will linger long after the season is gone- the statement said!

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