Thursday 30 April 2020


The year 2020 was declared the year of the nurses by the World Health Organization (WHO) in honour of the irreparable sacrifices Nurses & Midwives make to keep mankind safe & healthy in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, the mother of modern-day nursing.

However, this year that was supposed to be a year for celebrating the hard work and sacrifices of nurses had turned out to be a year nurses have to work hardest to preserve mankind sequel to the outbreak of the ravenous COVID-19 that is threatening the existence of man.

Since its inception in the 1880s, Labor Day has been marked as a special occasion to honor all workers. But for the year 2020, it is a special day to salute nurses in a unique way. Nurses have made unprecedented sacrifices this year which happen to be a year declared as their own and thus verily deserve to be celebrated in a special way.

UGONSA therefore specially felicitates with Nurses & Midwives all over the world whose efforts make a huge difference in the various healthcare delivery systems of the countries of the world. This year’s Labor Day is a well-deserved day of special tributes for Nurses & Midwives.

To Nurses & Midwives, we say that you deserve a big celebration for standing up for mankind every time. Even though this is a day for you to have relaxed, unwind, and enjoy the company of your families & friends, you have chosen to sacrifice leisure & recreation to remain at the forefront of the war against COVID-19 and other diseases to save and preserve mankind. What on earth can be enough to pay you back? We can only pray God to continue to be the source of your strength, resoluteness, and reward!

For the Nigerian environment where your devotion and contributions towards the prosperity, strength, and well-being of the country are barely acknowledged, we use this occasion to assure you that we shall never let you down. We shall use all our vigour to ensure that utmost importance is attached by the government to the hard work and sacrifices you make to keep the country healthy & safe. We shall continue fighting vigorously for you until you are granted equal rights and equitable treatment in our health system and beyond.

In the memory of our dear mother Nightingale, UGONSA dedicates May Day 2020 to the tribute and honour of the unending sacrifices & contributions of Nurses & Midwives to making the world a better place. We enjoin all Nurses & Midwives to continue in line with the slogan of UGONSA, “make a positive change!”, to shine a positive light of hope on mankind wherever you maybe.

Long Live Nigerian Nurses  & Midwives. Happy May Day 2020!!


Chief (Hon). S.E.O. Egwuenu                                                    Nurse P.O. Eteng
      National President                                                                                  Ag. National Secretary