Friday 22 January 2021


UGONSA has partnered with the Institute of Global Education (IGE) to provide Free IELTS training for its members that are up to date in dues and preparing for the IELTS exam. IGE has a robust online platform for educational activities, including IELTS, and has seasoned IELTS tutors, including those that scored 9 overall in the exam and were honoured by Cambridge University as the overall best candidates in the IELTS exam. There is nothing more than to get UGONSA members preparing for IELTS to be trained free of charge from the comfort of their homes by these IELTS timbers and calibers. Henceforth, registered members who are up to date in dues and preparing for IELTS should reach out to Nur. Opeyemi, or Nur. Eteng or any other National EXCO member of UGONSA to draw from this benefit. All you have to show is your evidence of registration for the IELTS exam and proof of up to date financial membership of UGONSA….Make a positive Change!


Nur. P.O. Eteng,

Ag. National Secretary.

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