Monday 18 April 2022


The 20th UGONSA National Professional Conference, Abakaliki 2022, is designed to practically empower nurses with skills that will make them reckon as super nurses and foster their propensity to add money to their pockets. Aside from the conventional conference events, the conference will make nurses proficient in SPSS, EKG, and American Heart Association’s BLS. Did we say proficient? Yes, of course!

By this assertion, we are betting that any nurse that attended the conference will not only learn SPSS, EKG, and BLS but will be able to apply them in real life and would be able to teach others.

The conference fee is N15,000 (fifteen thousand naira) for nurses and N7500 (seven thousand five hundred naira) for student nurses. To show how serious we are with our claim, we are betting that any conference attendee who complained of not learning how to practically apply SPSS, EKG, and BLS in real-life situations after the conference will be refunded the sum of N50000 (fifty thousand naira) if the complainant is a nurse or N25000 (twenty-five thousand naira) if the complainant is a student nurse. We are making this bet because we are very sure our tested, trusted, and proven hand-on methods that will be used to deliver such modules at the conference shall have an imbibing impact ceteris paribus. Did you hear us well? For 'benefit of doubt' let us restate it in another way! UGONSA will add N35000 to the N15000 you paid (if you are a nurse) or N17500 to the N7500 you paid (if you are a student nurse) to make your refund, respectively N50000 or 25000 if after duly participating in the conference you were unable to be empowered to be proficient in SPSS, EKG, and BLS.

Let’s now talk about what you need to do to get this conference empowerment.


To participate in the SPSS training, an attendee MUST come with a laptop computer. The hands-on training involves leading the participants to practically perform statistical analysis on a raw data set using the IBM® SPSS® Statistics. Because the trial period for the IBM® SPSS® Statistics package lasts for 30 days, we advise that participants should not install the software until two days before the conference start date. This is because, in addition to the hands-on training, we shall also give the attendees a follow-up assignment on raw data set to be analyzed and submitted within two weeks of the conference to reflect and assess their mastery of analysis of descriptive and inferential statistics, such as frequency distribution, t-test, chi-square, ANOVA, etc., using SPSS. The follow-up is aimed at ensuring that the attendees left the conference being proficient in SPSS and to assure them of the avenue for a free consultation should they need further assistance. If the software is installed earlier than two days before the conference, the trial period might run out before completing the follow-up assignment.


All you need to do is review the anatomy and physiology of the heart two to three days before the conference to be able to imbibe the EKG module’s training with ease at the conference. 

You will be taught how to read and interpret EKG strips and a simple way to obtain heart rhythms where you do not have access to 12-lead EKG, such as at home or in rural settings that do not have EKG machines. You will also learn of actions to take to restore an abnormal EKG to normal or how to mitigate adverse consequences and avert preventable death in situations where restoration of normalcy is difficult.


The BLS package will be that of the American Heart Association (AHA). While participation in the BLS training shall be free for all the conference attendees, receiving the AHA BLS certificate shall attract N15,500 (fifteen thousand five hundred naira) as AHA (and not UGONSA) issues the BLS certificate. Hands-on practice on feedback equipment, as recommended by AHA, costs N3,000 (three thousand naira), while the AHA BLS Provider certificate (the eCard) costs N12,500 (twelve thousand five hundred naira), amounting to a total cost of N15,500 for each attendee that needs the AHA BLS certificate. This payment is optional and only applies to those who want to have the AHA BLS certificate issued to them. However, UGONSA shall pay for the AHA BLS certificates for five attendees that will be randomly selected at the conference based on criteria that will be set by the attendees in collaboration with the association at the conference.

Conference Date and Registration

The conference will be held from July 11 to July 16, 2022, at the Conference Centre of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

 To register, go to and click on “conference registration." You can also make your payment directly into the UGONSA National account listed below. Early bird attracts a special package.

Account number: 3089525712

Bank: First Bank of Nigeria PLC.

Account Name: University Graduates of Nursing Science Association

Note: If you choose to pay directly to the bank account, you have to submit your payment evidence and your name, state, email, and phone number to or for your registration to be manually entered in the conference registration list. See the attached event programme below for more information.



Chief (Hon). S.E.O Egwuenu                                              Nur. P.O. Eteng

UGONSA National President                                          UGONSA Ag. National Secretary

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