Monday 18 July 2022


 GANV, which stands for "Grand Ambassador of Nightingalic Virtues," is the highest award grantable to Nurses for distinguished Services and outstanding impact in advancing the collective aspiration of the Nursing Profession. The GANV was awarded to Nurse Obianuju Francisca Okafor, Director Nursing Services, Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja, Nigeria, at the 20th UGONSA National Professional Conference and Scientific Updates, Abakaliki 2022. Dubbed the "Dame of Proper Placement," she was also inducted into the prestigious UGONSA hall of fame. Her critical intervention when UGONSA confirmed that the Proper Placement Memo was yet to be transmitted to the National Council on Establishments (NCE) days prior to the 42nd NCE meeting, where the memo was first considered before its approval in the 43rd meeting, earned her the famous title "Dame of Proper Placement ."There would have been no proper placement to celebrate today had the 42nd NCE meeting gone without the proper placement memo. UGONSA and the unborn generation of nurses owe her eternal gratitude for her critical role in the journey for the actualization of proper placement. Her adoption into the UGONSA hall of fame has placed her in the league of Mrs. Victoria Gowon (wife of former Head of State, Gen.Yakubu Gowon), Arch. Bishop A.O. Obarisagbon (the Pioneer President and Founder of GNAN, now known as UGONSA) and Mrs. A.O. Olanipekun (former Registrar, Nursing & Midwifery Council of Nigeria).  

Nurse Francisca Obianuju Okafor

Award Presented to Nurse Francisca on behalf of UGONSA by Senator Paulinus Igwe Nwagu

Also honoured with the GANV awards is Lady Lilian Uloma Uhiara, the 2nd National President of UGONSA, who pioneered the UGONSA international journal, "The Nursing Scope ."Even in retirement, she has remained dedicated to courses that improve the fortunes of the profession.

Lady Lilian Uloma Uhiara

Award Presented to Lady Uhiara on behalf of UGONSA by Dr. Onwe Ogah Emeka, CMD AE FUTHA

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