Thursday 4 May 2017


The Chairman and entire members,
Governing Council/Boards of the
 Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria


The evaluation of the caliber of progressive personalities that make up the recently constituted Governing Council/Boards of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) left us in such blissful awe that we tagged it – a welcome development. 
  2. The task ahead is monumental and expectations are very high of you.

           3. A team of 21 members with up to 10 Ph.D holders is expected to perform far above the pass mark. 

        4. The problem of nursing in Nigeria has never been deficiency of laudable ideas but seeming absence of commitment as well as dearth of altruistic sacrifices to fire the ideas into reality.
         5. Because of our apparent latch onto mediocrity, we have abstractly ceded our core duties to the CHEWS in the Primary Health Centres and have been pushed away from our classic duties – such as IV therapy, Catheterization, Passage of NG-tube, antenatal examination and conduct of delivery – by the physicians in the Secondary and Tertiary Health institutions.   

   6. Over the years, our educational and professional reformation has been muddled-up by the very NMCN, on whose board you have been appointed to serve.

     7. NMCN has consciously promoted mediocrity by abolishing categorization and differentiation in its register – promoting the mediocre syndrome of “a nurse is a nurse” that has snailed the rate of our professional growth and development.

      8. The council has deliberately refused to have a separate register for different categories of Nurses such as those having RN/RM, Bachelors’ degree, Masters’ degree and Ph.D in nursing ostensibly to maintain the frustrating conservatism that advancement to the top has to strictly follow seniority by length of service to the exclusion of higher education and efficiency of performance.

          9. Motivation that comes with recognition of educational and professional excellence is seriously gasping for air in nursing. This has seriously eroded the quest to go all the miles in advancing professional skills, capacities and competences beyond that needful for basic nursing duties.

10. It is not yet late! 

 11. We can borrow a leaf, today, from the Teachers Registration Council that shunned the mediocre syndrome of “a teacher is a teacher” to maintains separate register for different categories of Teachers from NCE up to Ph.D, and thus stimulates healthy competition, growth and development through recognition of achievements and performances.

      12. Your tenure should make a paradigm shift from the current “mediocrity- promoting status quo”, to give us a separate register for different categories of nurses which will in turn pave way for trickling down of the rewards that are attendant with higher education and professional excellence to nursing.
     13. We shall certainly reclaim our positions and classic duties from the CHEWS and physicians the day we say no to mediocrity!                            
      14.  It is quite understandable that opposition to radical, redemptive approaches to nursing problems has been swift, formidable and subtle, but we cannot afford to continue to allow the merchants of mediocrity to hold us all and our posterity to ransom for fear of what may be lost if the boat is rocked.
       15. We have a radiating hope that your combination with the astute leadership we have in the person of the current Registrar of the council shall drive us miles away from the current odious layer of mediocrity.

    16. Please kindly accept our warmest and heartiest congratulations!

Chief (Hon) S.E.O. Egwuenu                                                        Nurse G.I. Nshi
   National President                                                                         National Secretary

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