Thursday 3 June 2021



UGONSA has migrated its membership registration and verification process online via its website, 

The new online registration grants members access to a portal on the website and issues a unique registration code to each user. As a consequence, every member MUST re-register to be assigned a portal and a new code. While fresh registration costs the sum of N2050 (two thousand fifty naira) payable online via the website, members who have registered before are not required to pay again. A Registration Token (equivalent to N2050) will be given to members who have registered before to complete their registration without having to pay the registration fee again. Eligibility for accessing support from UGONSA, including, but not limited to free textbooks, free IELTS training, or free publication in the association’s journal (The Nursing Scope), shall henceforth be verified exclusively through the online portal.

Upon completion of registration, a member shall be issued an E-ID card. The E-ID card shall henceforth be the only acceptable means of verification of membership.

To register or validate membership, go to the UGONSA website, Click on "Register."

A click on "Register" will take you to the registration page, as shown below.

Members making a fresh registration should click on “Register” and complete the registration using their Debit cards (ATM cards) to make payment online. Old members who are validating membership should click on “Register with Access Token” and contact Nurse Opeyemi (+2348038358107) or Nurse Eteng (+2348063477661) for issuance of a token to complete the registration. Nurse Eteng or Nurse Opeyemi will issue the token upon verification that a member has registered before. Old registered members have until Sunday, July 31, 2021, to validate their registration free of charge. Beyond this date, all registrations shall be treated as fresh registration with compulsory payment of the N2050 registration fee. At any point in the registration process, if you encounter any difficulty, reach out to Nurse Opeyemi or Nurse Eteng for guidance or send an email to  


                                Chief (Hon.) S.E.O. Egwuenu     Nur. P.O. Eteng
                                               National President          Ag. National Secretary


  1. This is a great innovation. Well done to the catalytic brain behind it. Keep making progressive positive advancement

  2. Ddns Olajide .G
    This is a great & marvelous achievement
    A big well-done to the visionary & dynamic leaders.
    Long live Ugonsa
    Long live Nigeria.